Dengan Modul CRM ERP kami Anda bisa maksimalkan dan followup semua lead dan peluang yang Anda punya dengan email yang terstruktur dan newsletter.

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  • Opportunity
    • Reminders to Follow Up on Opportunities
    • Auto-assign Opportunities to Sales Executives
    • Auto-close Opportunities
    • Create a Quotation
    • Create a Supplier Quotation
    • Capture the Reasons and Competitors for Lost Opportunities
    • Minutes to First Response
  • Customer
    • Multiple Contacts and Addresses
    • Allow creation of Sales Invoice without Sales Order and Delivery Note
    • Set Tax Withholding Category
    • Default Currency and Price List
    • Integration with Accounts
    • Credit Limit and Payment Terms
    • Sales Team and Sales Partner
    • Loyalty Program
    • View Accounting Ledger and Accounts Receivable
    • Set Customer Id, Default Customer Group, Territory, and Price List
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Appointment


  • Reminders to Follow Up on the Leads
  • Adding Multiple Contacts and Addresses
  • Recording Comments, Emails and Events
  • Creating Opportunity, Customer and Quotation
  • Auto-assigning the Leads to Sales Executives


  • Campaign
  • Email Campaign
  • Newsletter
  • LinkedIn Settings
  • Twitter Settings
  • Social Media Post


  • Lead Details
  • Sales Funnel
  • Prospects Engaged But Not Converted
  • Minutes to First Response for Opportunity
  • Inactive Customers
  • Address And Contacts
  • Lost Opportunity

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erp development digital asia solusindo - PT Digital Asia Solusindo - Modul CRM | ERP Module

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