Dengan Modul CRM ERP kami Anda bisa maksimalkan dan followup semua lead dan peluang yang Anda punya dengan email yang terstruktur dan newsletter.

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  • Opportunity
    • Reminders to Follow Up on Opportunities
    • Auto-assign Opportunities to Sales Executives
    • Auto-close Opportunities
    • Create a Quotation
    • Create a Supplier Quotation
    • Capture the Reasons and Competitors for Lost Opportunities
    • Minutes to First Response
  • Customer
    • Multiple Contacts and Addresses
    • Allow creation of Sales Invoice without Sales Order and Delivery Note
    • Set Tax Withholding Category
    • Default Currency and Price List
    • Integration with Accounts
    • Credit Limit and Payment Terms
    • Sales Team and Sales Partner
    • Loyalty Program
    • View Accounting Ledger and Accounts Receivable
    • Set Customer Id, Default Customer Group, Territory, and Price List
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Appointment


  • Reminders to Follow Up on the Leads
  • Adding Multiple Contacts and Addresses
  • Recording Comments, Emails and Events
  • Creating Opportunity, Customer and Quotation
  • Auto-assigning the Leads to Sales Executives


  • Campaign
  • Email Campaign
  • Newsletter
  • LinkedIn Settings
  • Twitter Settings
  • Social Media Post


  • Lead Details
  • Sales Funnel
  • Prospects Engaged But Not Converted
  • Minutes to First Response for Opportunity
  • Inactive Customers
  • Address And Contacts
  • Lost Opportunity

Modul ERP Lengkap

Enterprise Resource Planning Module

Finance Accounting

Revenue, Expenses, Budget, COA & Journal Entry, Multi Currency, Report


Customer, Manajemen Harga, Sales Order, Territory, Sales Data, Report


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Manajemen Gudang

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Manajemen Aset

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Tracking presales process from Lead capturing, tracking open Opportunities, emails and calls

HRIS & Payroll

Leave and Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Salary and Payroll, and Recruitment


Quality management system with procedures goals, tracking, and reviewing


Tracking presales process from Lead capturing, tracking open Opportunities, emails and calls.

erp development digital asia solusindo - PT Digital Asia Solusindo - Modul CRM | ERP Module

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